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Father Helps Change Michigan Custody Law

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Michigan State Family Law once stated that if a woman was married, her husband would automatically be assumed as the father of her children. This hindered Dan Quinn from seeing his biological daughter for over 4 years. After hearing Quinn’s story, Governor Rick Snyder had decided to have the law changed. Fathers who are proven [...]

Former Rap Star DMX’s Wife Files for Divorce

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Tashera Simmons, the wife of former rapper Earl Simmons a.k.a. DMX has filed for divorce during their appearance on the VH1 show, Couples Therapy. Their marriage lasted for 13 years even after the numerous accounts of infidelity. Tashera and DMX had shared 4 children together. However, their marriage was always rocky. DMX had admitted to [...]

NFL’s Troy Aikman Pays $1.75 Million in Alimony

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After ten years of marriage, Troy Aikman split with his wife last year in April. The Dallas Cowboy football player recently paid $1.75 million in order to complete the rest of the divorce process. There are no reports to say whether or not he paid out more to his ex-wife prior to this last payout. [...]